Russian Blue Cats for Adoption – How to choose a Cat that will suit your Personality

There are many ways to acquire a Russian blue cat. You can go the animal shelters with the hope that an abandoned cat is a Russian blue or you can go to reputable breeders. You can also view Russian blue cats for adoption through newspaper ads but make certain that you are buying a healthy and clean cat. Pet stores are also an option but make sure that the cat was not acquired from kitten mills where breeding practices may not be the best.

How to make a choice for a pet cat
Do you want a kitten or an adult cat? Kittens are lovable and cute but they require more care and monitoring as they grow up. Kittens are active and full of energy and you will find them climbing the top of your kitchen cabinet or prying into ductworks. Matured cats are usually house broken and they have been trained. They can adjust easily to the household and bond with humans. They know how to use the litter box which is one less thing off your responsibilities.

Do you want a male or female cat? There is hardly any difference between a male and female cat but it is important to ensure that the cat you are adopting has been neutered or spayed so that it will not add to the overpopulation of cats.

Do you want a long-haired cat or a short-haired cat? If you want a long haired cat, you will probably like the Persian cat or the American Bobtail with their full coats that have been developed naturally. If you want a short-haired cat, the Russian blue will be an ideal choice. The Russian blue appears to be bigger than it really is because of the double coat which is its most eye-catching feature. The coat is blue in color with silver tips that
shimmers in light.

What type of personality are you looking for in a cat? Cats have different personalities. The Russian blue is well behaved and reserved while the Abyssinian is bouncy and busy. The Siamese is talkative and demanding. The Russian blue is an ideal companion because it is not demanding and can stay alone amusing itself while you are at the office.

What physical characteristics are you interested in? Cats have different physical characteristics but the Russian blue is quite distinct. Apart from the blue color of coat with the shimmering silver tips, the large eyes are vivid green that looks at you with a slight smile. If you want to match your personality with your adopted pet, make an effort to research.

How much are you willing to spend to own a cat? If you cannot find a cat to adopt at the animal shelters or animal rescue centers, your option will be to buy from the breeders. Purebred cats and kittens are quite expensive because they are rare and comprise approximately 3 to 5% of the cat population. The cost of a pedigreed kitten would largely depend upon availability, uniqueness and quality, meaning it has achieved honor in cat shows.

Caring For Home Russian Blue Kittens

When you buy any available russian blue kittens, you must be prepared to give them the required food and meet their other needs. On your list of priorities, there should be enough food and attention. However, the food given to the kittens must be monitored so that the cats are not overfed. The kittens like feeding and it is recommended that they be fed twice in a day until when they are 7 months old. Remember to give the kittens’ fresh water. In fact fresh water should be available at all times so that the kittens can have it whenever they want.

If you realize that you have given the cat too much food, you must reduce it systematically.  If the cats are not feeding well, it could be a sign of illness. Ensure that you only feed them on premium dry cat food is high in nutrients.  This food is inexpensive and will keep your cat healthier.  If you realize that you are scooping less from her litter box, it is an indication that you are giving it less food.  When you notice some reasonable growth in the available russian blue kittens, you may switch to less active foods that contain less fat.  Keeping the weight of the cat low is a guarantee that your kittens will remain healthy.


It may be necessary to give the kittens food supplements.  Perhaps the hairball medicine (Femalt, laxatone)  may be recommended. This supplement loosens accumulated hair in the kittens’ stomach. The kittens will lick the Femalts since it has fish flavor. If it doesn’t like it, you may have to smear it on its paw for the cat to clean off by licking it.  The cat may be fed on hairball dry food which is high in fiber. If you realize that the kittens’ skin is becoming dry, you may have to add flax oil or Lipiderm to its food. Lipiderm contains Omega Fatty Acids that improves the skins texture.   If you feel that the kittens have dietary problems, you must consult a vet.

Grooming the kittens

The Russian blue kittens are easy to maintain and groom. Ensure that you regularly comb them. When you do this, the kittens will think that you are giving them attention. It will also help to remove loose fur hence reducing chances of ingesting the hair that forma hairball in the stomach.

You should ensure that your kittens’ nails are clipped when they are a few weeks old. Using a good pair of nail clippers may be necessary. The process is easier; cradle the cat on the lap and let him display the nails. Ensure that you don’t cut the vein because it may cause pain and bleeding. If the kitten feels pain, it will never trust you. In fact you can make the exercise interesting and let the cat feel that it is a treat. The clipping can be done once in a week.  Lastly ensure that the cat remain indoor because the Russian blue cat does not like staying out for long. This will help discipline the cat and make it friendlier.
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